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Why Choose Blue?


More Than 80 Years of Experience

We live and work in Arizona and are committed to helping Arizonans get healthier faster, and stay healthier longer.

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Access to Doctors and Hospitals


Choice of lower-cost HMO plans with an exclusive provider network and NOW PPO plans offering the largest national provider network in Arizona.

Free Primary Care Provider Visits


See your doctor on us! Our plans include two or more free visits with no copay, deductible, or coinsurance.*

*Does not apply to Portfolio plans. Depending on your plan, there are two or more free PCP visits in a calendar year regardless of diagnosis. Visit must be with your designated PCP, and a visit for covered preventive care may count toward your limit, even though preventive care is always covered at no member cost share.

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Online Doctor Visits


Get medical care from a board-certified doctor 24/7 using your smartphone or other electronic device. Psychiatry and counseling services are also available.

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